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Pornox - Network access control security solutions

Portnox by Access layers


Fondée en 2007, Portnox aide à sécuriser les organisations connectées en utilisant sa technologie de pointe qui permet aux RSSI de voir, contrôler, réagir et gérer les réseaux pour tous les utilisateurs, tous les appareils, partout.

What is Portnox?

Portnox represents a new approach to LAN protection, providing complete online control of end-point access to the corporate network. A natural extension to existing security policies and methodologies, Portnox allows network administrators to configure access parameters for physical network ports, determining which devices are allowed LAN access by:

1) Identifying if devices connected to the network are 'part' of the network ( a company known device and not a rogue device)

2) Insures that each application device complies with the company network access security policy

With Portnox, the most vulnerable point in your corporate network, the physical network switch, is monitored at all times, providing you with a centralized switch monitoring and management solution that fully protects the corporate network - from 'the inside'


With Portnox ™ you can:

Access Layers' flagship product, Portnox ™ combines NAC (network access control) and a proactive network management in a single solution that interrogates, authenticates, manages and controls access through each and every port or device attempting access to the network. Moreover, portnox seamlessly integrates with any of the already existing IT infrastructure and technologies at the client's network - without disrupting the end-user or, the network productivity or, any changes to existing infrastructure.

Protnox illuminates a standard physical ethernet port

Protnox illuminates a standard physical ethernet port

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